About FriendsMe


The FriendsMe app includes the following features:

* On your social media network, connect with friends and family and meet new people.

* Post status updates and use FriendsMe emoji to communicate what's going on in your life.

 * Share photos, videos, and memories.

* Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts

* Look for local social events and make plans to meet up with pals

* Play games with any of your FriendsMe friends Make a backup of your images by saving them in albums.

* Look up local businesses to see reviews, operating hours, and photographs

* Follow your favourite artists, websites, and corporations to stay up to date on their latest news

* On the FriendsMe Marketplace, you may buy and sell locally,

* Live videos on the go.


The FriendsMe app does a lot more than just keep you in touch with your friends and interests. It also serves as your personal organiser, allowing you to save, save, and share photos. You have complete control over your photos and privacy settings, and it's simple to share photos directly from your Android camera. You can decide when to make individual images private and even create a secret photo album to limit who sees them.


FriendsMe also keeps you up to date on the most recent news and events from around the world. Follow your favourite celebrities, companies, news outlets, musicians, or sports teams to keep up with their newsfeeds, watch live streaming videos, and stay up to date no matter where you are!


FriendsMe's most significant desktop features, such as writing on timelines, like images, exploring for people, and modifying your profile and groups, are also available on the app.