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"I just feel that there is something fishy about you. He didn't deliberately replace Ke Shao as your male model, did he?!" Small G looks outside, although Gu Sheng's stature is the top in the European and American male models, but his aura really has nothing to do w

"I just feel that there is something fishy about you. He didn't deliberately replace Ke Shao as your male model, did he?!" Small G looks outside, although Gu Sheng's stature is the top in the European and American male models, but his aura really has nothing to do with the model. No, it's just a coincidence. No one believes Lian Bao's denial. How can there be such a coincidence in the world. Especially Gu Sheng looked at her eyes possessive strong to overflow, make the small G Lianlianbao's arm dare not pull. The organizers of the program looked at Lian Bao with some strange eyes, and they were the ones who suffered the disaster. Lian Bao's outstanding appearance is not much worse than those idols in the entertainment circle. Among these contestants, she got more attention. They arranged Ke Shao for her. Originally, they wanted the combination of handsome men and beautiful women to create some sparks and add some heat to the show. Thinking that the camera had only been running for a few minutes, Gu Sheng came to change the man and took off his suit. Originally, there was news that Ke Shao was going to appear in the program propaganda. It was all right to add Gu Sheng and change Ke Shao to someone else. But Gu Sheng didn't know why he didn't like Ke Shao and let people go directly. The production team had to worry about how they would be besieged by Ke Shao's fans after the program was broadcast. When the program was broadcast, the production team found that their worries were unnecessary. In reality, good-looking people are not necessarily good-looking in the camera, but even Bao and Gu Sheng are exceptions. Especially Gu Sheng, the appearance of the hybrid, the temperament of abstinence, the program has not been broadcast, the Internet is full of his screenshots. Countless people were asking who he was, and they couldn't find him on the Internet,carnosic acid price, so they called the TV station, and the phone of the TV station was blown up and they didn't get a result. You should be in the entertainment industry, and maybe you can be a superstar. Gu Sheng good-looking this matter Lian Bao knew, but did not expect to be so attractive, high school when those girls sent him love letters are the courage to do things secretly, now these people on the Internet are directly called his husband. Now the contestants' microblogs are basically asking who Gu Sheng is, and even Bao's microblogs are being harassed. After brushing for a long time, I saw someone screenshot the picture of her standing with him,best green coffee bean extract, saying that they matched, and Lian Baocai raised his eyebrows and smiled. Gu Sheng came out of the bathroom covered with steam and rubbed his head half dry before sitting on the edge of the bed. But thanks to you, I won the first place in this game. Lian Bao turned around and pulled the towel over his head. "Come closer." Gu Sheng obediently close, Lian Bao put the towel on his head and rubbed it randomly, Gu Sheng's short hair was rubbed into a beehive by her. Lian Bao did not have the experience of helping people wipe their hair, and when he saw the result of his own slightly guilty, he reached out to help him straighten out his hair. Delicate fingers inserted into the hair, is not touching the scalp, Gu Sheng squinted lying on the legs of Lianbao. Baby, your hands are so soft. Gu Sheng's ears are gold ingot ears, with thin skin and thick flesh. Every time Lian Bao sees his ears, he can't help itching. Hearing him say that her hands are soft, he rubs his ears: "Your ears are also very soft." Gu Sheng's body trembled sensitively and held Lianbao's wrist in a hoarse voice: "We agreed not to move our ears." Lian Bao was stunned, turmeric extract powder ,rosmarinic acid supplement, thinking of the past, she found that Gu Sheng's ears were soft and easy to rub, and she often played with his ears when she had nothing to do. The ears were probably Gu Sheng's sensitive belt, and she couldn't stand the provocation when she had nothing to do, so she put forward resistance. He said he would kiss her if she touched his ear. Thinking, Gu Sheng's face was enlarged in front of his eyes, and an airtight kiss hit him. Lian Bao called out a few times and put his hand on his shoulder. Gu Sheng, I have a stomachache. Breathing kung fu, feeling Gu Sheng to kiss up again, Lian Bao covered his lips and said in a muffled voice. Then while he was rubbing her stomach, Lian Bao left a tooth mark on his ear: "I'm going back." Lian Bao's expression is like stealing fishy, took advantage of the big, Gu Sheng squinted, suddenly pushed up her clothes, bowed his head in her lower abdomen bite. He did not dare to exert great strength, but left a watermark for Lianbao. Even Bao's itchy tears came out with laughter. Gu Sheng's head moved away and his cheeks puffed out angrily: "Stingy." Gu Sheng immediately showed his other ear: "Take another bite." "No, save it for yourself.". ” Didn't bite the fat that came to the door, on the way back, Lian Bao hummed and chirped. When he was approaching Lian's house, Gu Sheng parked his car on the side of the road and urged him to bite his neck a few times before he stepped into the house in a good mood. Chapter 46 Lian Bao looked down upon the power of the network, originally thought Gu Sheng walk show disliked a small storm is gone, did not expect only a few days someone broke the news of Gu Sheng's background. Although not too detailed, but posted the information of the financial report, Gu Sheng is a city upstart, how to own a big company can not run away. Why should the boss of a big company be a male model? Of course, it can't be because of lack of money. Gu Sheng took the ring for Lianbao at the auction before, which was also turned out. The interaction of their eyes on the show made people shout loudly that they ate a big bowl of dog food. In any case, the idea of the program group to stir up the heat has come true, which is more news than the popular idol Xiaosheng as a swimsuit model. Gu Sheng there also did not stop the meaning of these news, in Lian Bao repeated requests, before the public relations began to subside. All kinds of speculation on the Internet do not matter, the main real world of talent trouble, her father was not very optimistic about her and Gu Sheng, all began to want to call Gu Sheng to contact the elders to discuss the wedding date, scared Lianbao repeatedly waved, said it was still a long time. The two of them seem to have no contradiction, but in fact they are still testing, Gu Sheng she does not know, but she still has doubts. It's a long way from marriage anyway. In addition to Lian's father, Lian Bao received more greetings from all kinds of familiar and unfamiliar people, especially his high school classmates, who expressed their curiosity, and then Lian Bao could not refuse to agree to the high school reunion. Do you want to go? After promised, Lian Bao is a little regretful to call Gu Sheng,naringenin price, to attend this kind of classmate gathering, must be ridiculed. In high school, who didn't know that her relationship with Gu Sheng was so bad. I have promised. 。

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