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Lin Yongqiang sighed: "I have nothing to instruct, that is such a situation!"! I want Zhou Xiuli to treat it correctly and work hard.

Lin Yongqiang sighed: "I have nothing to instruct, that is such a situation!"! I want Zhou Xiuli to treat it correctly and work hard. It's not impossible for someone to frame it, but there's always no smoke without fire. I still have to pay attention to it! Then he asked, "Comrade Zijing, how did you hear that Director Chen Hanjie transferred the letter to the procuratorate?"? How is the investigation going in your procuratorate? Did you find some evidence? Ye Zijing shook her head with a wry smile: "If there is evidence, I don't have to report to you and Secretary Tang, just act in accordance with the law!"! Mayor Lin, now the situation is more complicated, Su Afu died, this matter seems to be difficult! Lin Yongqiang's mood improved, and he said encouragingly in a joking tone: "Things in the world are not difficult for the Communists!" Ye Zijing also said jokingly, "The problem is that some of our comrades are probably not Communists!" The expression on Lin Yongqiang's face was serious, and he waved his hand: "It's easy to handle if you're not a Communist, ah?"? Dismissal, expulsion from the party! The attitude of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government is very clear that any person involved in the case must be dealt with strictly according to law and will never interfere! Comrade Zijing, tell me, so far, have Comrade Tang Chaoyang and I specifically asked about the case? Including the cultural management department of Zhonglou District, you have arrested all the people who should be arrested? Ye Zijing quickly explained, "Mayor Lin,pumpkin seed extract, you have misunderstood me. I'm not referring to you and Secretary Tang. I'm referring to the following. You may not be clear about some situations. Apart from anything else, our case-handling funds have not arrived yet!" Lin Yongqiang was somewhat surprised: "What's going on?"? The funds for handling cases must be guaranteed. Secretary Tang has instructions! Ye Zijing shook her head and said, "I can't tell what's going on. Anyway, I haven't arrived. I've been urged several times and I haven't rowed over." As soon as Lin Yongqiang pulled his face, he immediately made a phone call, found the Municipal Finance Bureau, and scolded Director Tang: "Director Tang,jujube seed powder, what's the matter with you?"? Why Hasn't the Procuratorate's Special Funds for August 13 Been Allocated? Don't emphasize the reason to me, I won't listen! You can arrange the appropriation for me now, or you can take it out of my mayor's fund first! Putting down the phone, Lin Yongqiang asked with concern: "Comrade Zijing, what difficulties do you have to solve?" Ye Zijing wanted to mention the allocation of funds for the procuratorial building project again, but he held back his words and only said: "Mayor Lin, there is a saying in the society now that the court is Bao Gong, the public security is Guan Gong, and the procuratorate is Ji Gong.." Lin Yongqiang laughed: "Interesting, but also very image, ah?!"! I think the overall evaluation of our public security organs is good! Especially your Jigong, this image is very lovely, although poor, but also everywhere to uphold justice, ghana seed extract ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, this, ah? "Both adults and children can sing, 'The shoes are broken, the hat is broken, and the cassock is broken.'" Ye Zijing couldn't help saying: "Mayor Lin, now the court and public security office conditions are good, and they all have their own office buildings. Our procuratorate building has been built for three years, but it hasn't been built yet, and now it's stopped.." Lin Yongqiang waved his hand and said, "Comrade Zijing, don't say anything about this. I know that it is a temporary suspension. Not only your procuratorial building, but also a financial allocation project of the municipal government has been suspended. It will always be built in the future.". As soon as I took office in Changshan, I said that the problems in development must be solved in development, and the key is to develop the economy of Changshan! Only when there is a big pot and a small bowl can there be one. If the cake is made bigger, there won't be so many contradictions! Then he turned the conversation around at the right time. "Therefore, this' August 13 'arson case should be handled as soon as possible!"! Yesterday, Secretary Tang called a meeting of our standing committee members at home and held a special discussion: You should prosecute as soon as possible, at least handle the guy who set the fire first, and give an explanation to the society. The case of dereliction of duty involves a large number of people, and the case is more complicated, so you can postpone the prosecution. Ye Zijing nodded: "Well, Mayor Lin, let's try to hurry up. The prosecution office is already preparing.". ” Lin Yongqiang was not satisfied: "Comrade Zijing, don't be so vague. Secretary Tang means to prosecute within ten days. There is still a process for the court to hear the case!"! You prepare, the municipal party committee will listen to your report recently! Ye Zijing answered: "Well, Mayor Lin, I will convey and implement your instructions when I go back!" Lin Yongqiang immediately corrected: "Comrade Zijing, this is not my instruction, but the instruction of Secretary Tang and the Municipal Party Committee!" He laughed at himself and said, "To tell you the truth, I don't know how many days I've been working as mayor, and I'm ready to step down and leave at any time!"! I can't do it if I don't admit it. The level is poor. I haven't had an accident for five years. I've had such a big accident in five months! Ye Zijing felt that there was something in Lin Yongqiang's words, which seemed to imply something, so she said meaningfully: "So, Mayor Lin, I'm afraid we still have to figure out some problems!"! Do you think you and Secretary Tang can transfer the cadre files of the Municipal Urban Management Committee in the name of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and check the handwriting of the anonymous letter? Lin Yongqiang thought: "I'm afraid this is not appropriate, right?"? Does Zhou Xiuli know not to make a scene? Ye Zijing said, "Didn't Zhou Xiuli want to investigate the false accuser?"? If it's a false accusation, it should be investigated! Lin Yongqiang still does not spit: "Then your law enforcement agencies go to investigate according to law, we can not replace the law with power." Ye Zijing could not say any more and got up to leave gloomily. But Lin Yongqiang stopped Ye Zijing again: "Hey, Comrade Zijing, wait a minute. Here are some materials for you to take back and have a look!" With these words, he took out a thick file bag containing materials from the cabinet on the side of his desk. Ye Zijing opened a look, startled, unexpectedly all against her and the procuratorate's anonymous report letter? Lin Yongqiang was as polite to her as he was to Zhou Xiuli: "Comrade Zijing,lycopene for skin, you should also treat her correctly!" Ye Zijing was so angry that she put the file bag on Lin Yongqiang's desk: "Mayor Lin, I won't read these materials. I don't have time, and I don't have the leisure. You and Secretary Tang had better ask the Discipline Inspection Commission to check it. We'll wait!" 。

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