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Lin Yu was surprised by the comprehensive test paper. Because in the past, there were always a few questions that could not be answered in every comprehensive test, but this time..

Lin Yu was surprised by the comprehensive test paper. Because in the past, there were always a few questions that could not be answered in every comprehensive test, but this time.. "Will I get full marks?" Lin Yu, who had done everything in more than an hour, looked at the test paper in his hand and read a sentence silently. It took more than ten minutes for Lin Yu to check all the questions to make sure that the paper was almost perfect and could be handed in immediately. But he felt that handing in papers at such a speed would be shocking and more likely to affect Wang Libo's mood, so he resisted the impulse to hand in papers and put his eyes out of the window. Because he could see all the scenery outside the window, including the purple bamboo forest that had left laughter and laughter in the distance. One more exam and the whole high school career will be over. It's a really subtle feeling. Lin Yu, who had no feeling about graduation in his last life, sighed slightly. But he was not sure whether he was reluctant to give up Yi Gao or Qi Yue and Yang Zhilin. But in any case, he must go to Shanghai for his mother. After waiting for about half an hour, Lin Yu saw that the examinees began to appear on the playground and handed in their papers and left the examination room. When he left the examination room and passed by Wang Libo, he suddenly found a major problem, that is, Wang Libo's answer sheet omitted a small side of multiple choice questions. This is a small side of twenty questions, five points for each question. If Wang Libo can't find it in time, the consequences will be unimaginable. After all,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, the total score of the college entrance examination is only 750, and he lost 100, even if the results of other subjects are good, it can not be made up for. If Wang Libo's boys with poor family conditions suffer such a big blow, I'm afraid it will affect their whole life. How do you remind him? Lin Yu frowned and thought for a moment when he came near the platform. But he did not dare to make too big a move for fear that Wang Libo, who was checking, would mistakenly think that he had asked him to go out and hand in the paper directly. It's really tangled! Lin Yu,Time Delay Tap, who knew that his class was equipped with a camera, was caught in a dilemma for a while. At this time Lin Yu thought of a more dangerous way, this is a possible way to let oneself be captured to eliminate the results of the college entrance examination! "I don't care, I'll just risk helping him!"! As for whether it will be discovered, it depends on God's will! So when he was about to pass the platform, Lin Yu first stole a small piece of chalk on the platform and then sneezed a super loud sneeze, which successfully attracted the eyes of the two invigilators to himself. When they looked at their faces, their left hand flicked the chalk to Wang Libo, who was not far away from them. This is a very risky move. If there is any loss, Lin Yu is bound to be a tragedy. However, it has to be praised that his action of playing chalk is too skilled and accurate to fall into the blank of Wang Libo's answer sheet. What's wrong Wang Libo first looked up and then looked down to check when he was surprised to find that the place where the chalk head had just fallen was blank. Holy shit! That was close! Wang Libo, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Service Sink Faucets, who realized for a moment that Lin Yu had taken the risk to help him, immediately cast a grateful look. Lin Yu, who took the hint, walked out of the classroom as if nothing had happened. After walking out of the classroom, Lin Yu went down the corridor to the examination room where Yang Zhilin was, lying on the window of the corridor and waiting quietly for the beauty. This time the article synthesis may be relatively simple, so Yang Zhilin answered more smoothly, Lin Yu came over soon after she handed in the paper. Seeing Lin Yu lying in the window, she smiled and stepped forward to embrace each other from behind. Lin Yu, who heard the people behind him, did not expect that Yang Zhilin would make such a big move in the temporarily empty corridor. Feeling that the soft chest of the other side had been pressed on his back without any gap, he was shocked by this different kind of stimulation. Yang Zhilin, who was in a very good mood because she did well in the exam, hugged each other and got up to go. Come on, let's go out to eat! "No, not now!" Lin Yu, who had a reaction, felt that if he walked like this and was seen by Yang Zhilin, it would be too humiliating. Why don't you go? What are you looking at? Yang Zhilin looked out of the window doubtfully. Only to find that it was just an ordinary courtyard wall. Lin Yu, who did not know how to defend himself, held Yang Zhilin directly on the windowsill like a hooligan, "I'm looking at you!"! You are the most beautiful scenery. Then he bowed his head and kissed. When the girl reacted, Lin Yu's mouth and a pair of magic hands had already taken advantage of it. "Hey, no!"! Not here. In the corridor where people may come out at any time, Lin Yu's frivolity obviously surpassed Yang Zhilin's bottom line. But this kind of indecent cold school beauty let Lin Yuxin get great satisfaction, which has the reason to give up easily. Ugh! Grab it lightly. Yang Zhilin, who suddenly felt the pain of being scratched, resisted with a little dissatisfaction. She had a chance to speak because Lin Yu started kissing her neck. It is hard to describe the satisfaction of Lin Yuxin, who has been stimulated by strange things. At this time he suddenly wanted to move his hand down, but after thinking about it, he felt that this was too humiliating for Zhi Lin, so he gave up. "Let's go to dinner," he said with a smile. "Don't go!" This time it was Yang Zhilin who didn't want to go. What's going on? Are you angry? Lin Yu asked worriedly. He was afraid of touching the other side's bottom line. Not angry.. How can you walk when your legs are weak? Yang Zhilin discontented Jiao Chen. You're not here to feel, are you? Lin Yu said wickedly. It was the first time he had said such evil words to Yang Zhilin. Chapter 601 the evil left hand. Juepin All-round Talent 601 _ Juepin All-round Talent Full Text Free _ Chapter 601 Evil Left Hand From () "What do you feel?" Yang Zhilin, who had never experienced human affairs, asked doubtfully. //Baidu search to see the latest chapter//Her eyebrows are full of puzzlement that she has some feelings for Lin Yu. Since you don't understand, just forget it! I'll carry you back! Ha-ha Lin Yu, who felt that Yang Zhilin was very lovely at the moment,Flush valve price, smiled and felt that a wise girl could not cover all aspects. Let's go to teacher He Jing's house to rest just in case! Yang Zhilin, whose face was like peach blossoms, felt that she was very shy because she was likely to be seen by Liang Jing when she returned to the brilliant hotel like this. cnkexin.com

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