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"Besides, there is loneliness." Bai Di said, "throughout his life, he will never be able to extricate himself from loneliness." "Yes, lonely, no home, no family, no children, nothing, for a woman, whether she This punishment is enough for any mistake. "

"Besides, there is loneliness." Bai Di said, "throughout his life, he will never be able to extricate himself from loneliness." "Yes, lonely, no home, no family, no children, nothing, for a woman, whether she This punishment is enough for any mistake. "So I never blamed her." "All the time?" "Yes, from the beginning until now." Bai Di said, "I already knew who she was." "Who is she?" "Iron Raksha, once killed more than 100 strong men in the five halls of Jiangbei in one night, and was finally killed by the Thunder Fire Hall." The Lord destroyed the face of the Iron Raksha with poisonous fire. Master Tianqi was silent for a long time, and his eyes seemed to show a sarcastic smile. You're wrong. She's not an iron Raksha. Tian Qi said, "Lord of the Hall of Thunder and Fire cannot destroy the Iron Raksha." "Who is she?" "Of course, she is also a very famous person in Jianghu. Although the killer is ruthless,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, she is the most beautiful person in the world." "The master is talking about Yu Ruyi?" Bai Di asked the sky to abandon it. Yes, she is Yu Ruyi. Her face was ruined because of her beauty. However, it is widely said in Jianghu that the Iron Raksha has already become a monk here. When she was formally ordained and tonsured, some people saw her with their own eyes. Yes. "That's true." Heaven abandoned the way, "Iron Raksha is indeed here, but someone else." "Someone else?"? Who is it? "It's me." Tian Qi looked at Bai Di, who turned pale with fright,Precision steel tubes, and told him flatly, "I am the Iron Raksha." Chapter six evil night Night, deep night. Bai Di knew that his visitors would never come again tonight, because his bondage had been untied, his limbs could move, and he had Will no longer play with others like a doll. He managed to let himself sleep for a while, and then got up after the third watch. There was no sound around, and there was no autumn moonlight. The weather seemed to be It has become cold, and winter is not far away. He tore off the white sheet covering his body and tore it into strips of cloth more than an inch wide, injuring all over his body. The joints were all tightly bound, as if ready for action. He shouldn't have left. The hawks and dogs that were chasing him were still watching. This is the safest place. He should understand this. Just as he should have understood the kindness of Tianchini to him. Sure enough, he didn't leave. Having made some preparations to go at any time, side impact beams ,Precision Welded pipes, he sat down instead. There were two stone benches under the Chinese parasol tree in the courtyard, and he occupied one of them and sat down in a very comfortable position, as if ready. It takes a long time to sit. Is he waiting for someone? The sky seemed to be a little darker, and suddenly there was a strange sound of wind in the distance, like the "sand" falling leaves in the wind. "Sand" sound, and come very urgently. With the sudden sound of the wind, you can see a figure flying across the sky like a big bird in the dark, with feet on the eaves, "falling geese on the flat sand". Whoosh, like a flying goose, it landed in front of Bai Di. Looking at the past in the extremely dark night, we can still vaguely distinguish that this man is the hatred of heaven. Since the first night, the tall nun who is the first "visitor" every night, is it the hatred of heaven? But Bai Di was very respectful to her, and soon came out; Tian Hen looked at him with hostility and coldness in his eyes. "Are you waiting for me?" "Yes." "Do you think I'm the visitor who comes every night?" Bai Di didn't expect that Tian Hen also knew about it, so he immediately answered honestly, "I really thought so." Yes. "And now?" Now Bai Di no doubt already knew that he was wrong, regarding the lust, the day hates by no means like other woman needs that many, regarding the sentiment. Desire, she has learned to control, her body and mind have too much pain for her to endure. What about you Tian Hen stared at Bai Di. "Who on earth are you?" "After all, I am Bai Dihua." "Did you really escape here and be rescued because you were seriously injured by being chased?" "No." Bai Di actually very simply admitted, "that is just a stratagem, just to let me mix." Enter this heaven and abandon the nunnery. "What if no one comes to save you?" Then I will die. "Bai Di said," but they agreed that only this method is feasible. " Because Bai Dihua is not only a famous tough thief, but also a handsome man recognized by everyone; and everyone thinks that a handsome man You can't die near the widow's temple. Bai Di said with a wry smile, "They say that this is a matter of'putting it to death and then living '.". In fact, I know that this is just an experiment. Already, I am the experiment, regardless of success or failure, it is none of their business. Tian Hen looked surprised. She had never thought that Bai Di would confess such a secret in front of her, but also. "The biggest purpose of this experiment is to come here and find a person," he continued. "Looking for who?" "A man whom everyone thought was the great thief Bai Dihua." Bai Di smiled bitterly. "Recently he has been working seven cases in the vicinity of the capital, Jiang." Most people in the lake think I did it. "He did the same thing you did?" "Almost exactly the same." Bai Di said, "The only difference is that he likes to kill people and look at others slowly." The man who died in his hands had at least 30 wounds on his body, and one of them even suffered 117 knives. There is a complete death. He is sighing: "Although there are many fierce people in Jianghu recently, there are not too many cruel people like him." There was no expression on Tian Hen's face. There could be no expression on her face at all, but her voice was hissing with anger. Dumb. How do you know it's not me? "Because I already know who he is." "How do you know?" "With my nose, there are many people who think my nose is better than a hunting dog." Bai Di explained, "Everyone has." There is a taste of his own,Cold Drawn Tubes, everyone's taste is different, as long as you can distinguish his taste, other things he can do. It doesn't matter if you pretend. 。

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